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Want a Free Gift with Purchase?

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groupphoto-webOf course you do!  Who doesn’t love a freebie?

I know your time is valuable.  We all have so much to juggle with work, kids, pets, etc., but if you take a couple of minutes to send me a review, I will send you a free lip butter.  These handmade goodies aren’t just for kids, either.  They are so good and smell so yummy that you just might want to save it for yourself!  I use them at bedtime and my lips stay super smooth.  They are amazing as lip primers!  Oh, ahem, and kids love them, too! Ha!

They are hand-made by me, even the label design.  They are truly the best lip butters I have ever used, including the popular EOS brand!

Choose from 5 flavors, including:

All natural: Lemon cake, Root Beer, Candy Apple

Nearly natural (flavor oil isn’t 100% natural): Cotton Candy, Frosted Cupcake

Already left me a review before this offer started and would like one now?  Heck yeah, shoot me an e-mail and I will set you up!