Bunk Bed Blankets
Bunk Bed Blankets in Anti-Pill Tailored Fleece

Bedding for Bunks is now offering bunk bed blankets to go under our fitted comforters and bed caps.

These fitted blankets are made of a medium weight fleece and go on just like the comforters do, without any bulk.  The 2 bottom corners are tailored (sewn boxed at the 2 bottom corners) and the blanket is made to fit your mattress dimensions. These can be made with or without elastic at the bottom corners. If you do get elastic, it will add at least an inch to your depth, so that it will wrap around the mattress. Great for summer kids bedding or for a little extra warmth in the winter!

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Tailored Cotton Weave Blanket
Tailored Cotton Weave Blanket

100% Cotton tight weave fitted blankets are great for all year comfort.
Twin Will fit up to 12″ deep mattresses; full and queen will fit up to 10″ mattresses.

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