Bed Caps are comforters made with elasticized bottom corners.  They come in 3 set depths, 8″, 10″ and 12″.  You will need to order a bed cap at least 1″ deeper than your mattress in order for there to be enough material to wrap under your mattress.  Because the material needs to wrap under the mattress, there will be a slight overhang on the sides, but this isn’t normally a big deal unless, for instance, you have a 5″ mattress depth and order a 10″ bed cap.  Our bed caps are not reversible and only come in solid colors and 2 shades of  denim.


  • Have elastic at the bottom corners to wrap around bed.  This can be an advantage to them staying on better with a restless sleeper


  • Only come in solid colored fabrics, no prints available
  • Are only available in 3 depths
  • Because of the elastic, these do have to be made in a deeper depth than the mattress, so they will be a little extra fabric on the sides