Bunk Bed Comforters and Bed CapsWhat are Bunk Bed Comforters?

Bunk Bed Comforters, Fitted Comforters, Bed Huggers, Hugger Comforters, Bed Caps … lots of names for comforters which are custom-made to the size of your mattress and boxed, or fitted, at the 2 bottom corners.

Bedding for Bunks offers TWO TYPES OF COMFORTERS, since we have two manufacturers making them for us and although they are the same basic design concept, they do vary in how they are each made. Our Bed Caps are made in 3 different depths, 8″, 10″, and 12″. They have an elasticized bottom that goes under the mattress. They are non-reversible and are only available in solid fabrics. Click to see the BED CAPS. Our Fitted Comforters, or Huggers, are are “tailored” at the 2 bottom corners of the bed, but not elasticized. They fit over the bed corners, and don’t wrap underneath. These fitted comforters/ huggers are fully reversible so you can choose coordinating fabrics and are available in hundreds of home decor prints.   Click to see the FITTED COMFORTERS/ HUGGERS in a printed fabric.  You can also get this type of design in a solid fabric.  Click to see the SOLID FITTED COMFORTERS/ HUGGERS.

Why a Fitted Comforter?

They just fit, giving a clean, tailored look!  Both comforter options stay on the bed, don’t require tucking, and are super easy to be put on.  A really nice feature is the custom depth; not only do they fit the mattress at the bottom, they also don’t hang down along the sides of the bunk bed, so no tucking and no kids getting tangled in the bedding when they are climbing out of the bunk bed in the middle of the night! Plus, it makes it super easy for kids to make their beds!

Are they just for Bunk Beds?

Nope! They are popular for bunk beds because people tend to be at their wits’ end with bunk bed making, especially on that dreaded top bunk!  Bunk bed comforters AND bed caps are used on platform beds, bunk beds, daybeds, and loft beds.  You can also use them for trundle beds, air mattresses, RV bedding, camping, boat bedding, you name it. They are especially nice for beds typically up against a wall, such as bunk beds & dorm beds. Yet, they can be used on any kids’ bed!  Fitted Comforters are also great for little ones who are just learning to tidy their beds on their own and you can even get them in toddler bedding!  Ultimately, bunk bed hugger comforters are for anyone and everyone, including adults, who wants bedding that is super easy to make!


Please note: For illustrative purposes, some of our product images show a duvet cover because photos of a hugger comforter is not yet available, but they will be all sewn in a hugger style.