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The Scoop on How to Launder your Bunk Bed Bedding

how to wash your bunk bed beddingLaundering Inseparable Sheets and Fitted Top Sheet Sets :

Machine Wash Separately in Cold Water on Gentle Cycle using a Mild Detergent.  Line Dry or Dry on Low Heat.

Special instructions for Hugger Comforters:

Like all comforters, hugger comforters require special care when laundering.

You need to use a large capacity washing machine to launder huggers.  If you don’t have one, I recommend dry cleaning your comforter.

Wash your bedding separately in cold water using a mild detergent, such as Woolite. Remove promptly after the spin cycle ends, as allowing a comforter to linger in the washing machine can lead to color bleeding. Line dry. If you do wish to put them in the dryer, put the heat on the lowest setting. I also add some woolen balls to fluff up the polyester fill.

Before you Buy: A Note about Color Choices + Fabrics:

If you have chosen a print fabric which reverses to another print fabric, you can machine wash your hugger using the instructions above.

If you have chosen a print fabric which reverses to a solid fabric, you need to consider how you plan on laundering the hugger.  If you plan on dry clean, you do not need to worry about color choices.  If you wish to machine wash, I recommend that you choose a similar color for the front and back of your hugger.  For the same reason you wouldn’t wash a red shirt in a load full of whites, try to avoid choosing a white printed base fabric with a dark or bright reverse color. In other words, If you choose a navy print with white anchors on the front, I would go with a solid navy on the reverse.  If you choose a white print with navy anchors, I would choose a white or even a light blue reverse and not a navy one.  You can also chose a solid white reverse, even if the print is navy or red.  It is only the dark or bright colored solid fabrics, such as navy, burgundy, brown, turquoise, hot pink, red, hunter green, navy, royal, and black that MAY bleed when machine washed, particularly when left to linger in the washing machine.  

If you have chosen a solid fabric which reverses to a solid fabric,  I recommend choosing the same colors on both sides of the hugger if you choose a dark or bright color. Lighter colors, such as pink, lime, sage, grey, khaki, etc., should wash just fine, but when in doubt, either contact me or go with the same color on both sides.

If after reading this, you would still like to choose alternating bright colors, I highly recommend using a color blocker sheet, such as Carbona Color Grabber or Shout “Color Catchers,” in your load of laundry. Many people have had great successes with these products.

We have had many, many successes with lots of colors, including white prints with turquoise and navy solid backs, but we have also had a couple of issues, so I want to make sure that I share these experiences to help guide you.  In a nutshell, my advice is to choose a print to print comforter, if possible, or choose similar colors on the front and back whenever possible. Dry cleaning is also an option.

* Very Important: You have a 90 day return policy for your bedding, so please this in mind.  If you wait 6 months to first wash your bedding and you have any problems, the manufacturer will not offer replacements after that first 90 days.  Please understand that I can only advocate with the manufacturer on your behalf within those first 90 days. After that, I can sure try, but I can’t guarantee a fix!

If you have any problems or want help with choosing fabrics, let me know.  I am always happy to help and I want you to be thrilled with you purchase!