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Is There Special Bunk Bed Bedding?

Custom Boys Bedding in PlaidAs anyone who has had bunk bed knows, making them, particularly the top bunk, can be really, really hard! By offering bunk bed bedding that will make bed-making easier for your kids, we make your life easier!

At Bedding for bunks, our most popular bun bed bedding products are our bunk bed hugger comforters and our inseparable sheet sets.

Bunk bed huggers, also called bunk bed comforters and bed caps, are made to your child’s specific mattress depth, so there is no bulky fabric overhang.  They are tailored at the two bottom corners of the mattress, which also helps to lessen the amount of fabric, but also to add an ease to making the bed.

Inseparable sheets are sheets that are attached along one side and across the bottom.  To make the bed, kids simply pull over the sheet.  There is no confusion as to which side goes where. In addition, we also have fitted top sheets.  Just like a fitted sheet, they have an elasticized edge, but only on the bottom, keeping sheets in place.