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Bunk Bed Bedding Comparison

Zipper Bedding


  • All in One bedding for kids
  • Fun Fabrics
  • Throw it in the wash as one (can also be a con)


  • All Zipper Bedding is open at the feet, which some kids don’t like and may not be warm enough in colder months
  • Can’t wash separately, as needed
  • May not be the best option for potty training aged kiddos, due to the zipper

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Bed Caps


  • Have elastic at the bottom corners to wrap around bed


  • Only come in solid colored fabrics, no prints available
  • Because of the elastic, these do have to be made in a deeper depth than the mattress, so they will be a little extra fabric on the sides

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Hugger Comforters (Tailored Comforters)


  • Many, many prints to choose from
  • 100% cotton home decor fabrics
  • Great for multi-age use (for kids and adults)
  • No elastic on bottom, but fits the mattress without overhang/ extra fabric
  • Can wash sheets and comforter separately, as needed


  • Not all in one (again, could be a pro, depending on what you are looking for)

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