Hugger Comforters and Bed Caps

Easy Bunk Bed Bedding for Kids

Making bunk beds can be hard for kids!  We offer kids bunk bed comforters and bunk bed sheets that make it easy!

Are you in the market for a bunk bed? Maybe you already have one that you have given up on keeping made because, despite your OCD, you just can't bear the thought of climbing up onto that top bunk bed one more time!  Bunk beds are space saving gems and kids LOVE them, but try to make them... (sigh)... yeah, not so easy, especially that dreaded top bunk! Many a mom has begun making the top bunk only to find herself unknowingly beginning a game of twister!

Why aren't the kids making their beds, you ask? Because making bunk beds is tricky. Which end goes where? Where do you tuck all of the excess fabric? That is a lot to think about for kids!  But, there is something to make it easier.
Bedding for Bunks is an online store run by a military mom, which specializes in bunk bed bedding. Not only do we make your life lots easier by offering bedding for bunk beds that makes bed-making a snap, we offer cute designs to boot!All bedding is custom and made to order and nearly everything on the site, including the fabric itself, is MADE in the USA!  Made in the USA bedding.. now that is rare these days!

We offer all kinds of custom bunk bed bedding, but our bedding isn't just for bunk beds.  It can be used on any kids' bed for a quick and easy to make bed.


We have inseparable bunk bed sheets!  Inseparable sheets are sheets that are sewn together at the bottom and attached on one side for easy bed making. We also offer fitted top sheets and other easy to use kids bunk bed sheets.


We have bunk bed comfortersFitted comforters are also called hugger comforters, snugglers and bed caps and they are fitted (tailored) at the 2 bottom corners so that they stay in place and also take the guess work out of which direction to make the bunk bed.  Perfect for bunk beds, daybeds, trundle beds,  air mattresses and dorm beds, or any bed up against a wall.

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Fabric Swatches are a great way to match your existing decor, compare designs, or just to see & fee the fabric! Swatch costs will also be deducted from your upcoming order!

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